**Union Barrel Works is now also serving PA distilled liquors **

White Wines:

Kog Hill Deyval Blanc: A dry, crisp white wine with a smooth finish.

Kog Hill Chardonnay Reserve 2003: Barrel fermented and aged in fine grain toasted oak. Soft and fruity with complex body.

Kog Hill Chardonnay Grande: Barrel aged for 3 years. Drinks more like a bourbon with a darker, smokier finish than most chardonnays.

Kog Hill Sunset Blush: A fruity offering which is best compared to a White Zinfandel.

Kog Hill Riesling: A semi-sweet white with a fruity aroma.

Kog Hill Sauvignon Blanc: A dry, crisp, fruit wine.

Red Wines

Kog Hill Red: A blend of the finest red grapes, resulting in a medium dry, deep bodied wine.

Kog hill Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve: A bold, dry red. Aged in American oak barrels, full bodied with notes of black raspberry and currant.

Kog Hill Pinot Noir: Hints of raspberry, cherries, and cranberries. Finished dry with a hint of oak.

Kog Hill Merlot: Aromas of cocoa and blackberries dominate the nose of this popular varietal. Rich and fruity with hints of black currant & a nice finish.