Hand Crafted Beer

All Union Barrel Works brews are served unfiltered, which helps to maintain the natural vitamins and nutrients found in beer.

Kolsch: A light, golden German ale with a subdued, clean tasting malt flavor and aroma. This is a beer from the “old” brewing tradition, before lagers gained popularity. Fermented at a lower temperature than normal ales and followed by several weeks of cold lagering.

Mai Bock: A pale bock with a fresh, malty aroma and flavor. Deep golden color with a generous amount of pure honey to smooth the high alcohol finish. Perle and Cluster hops are used for littering, and Sazz and Hallertau for finishing. Original gravity above 19 degrees Plato.

Uncle Fester: Traditional Style Octoberfest Maertzen. Darker style lager with full body and copper color. A little maltier than a traditional lager with a smooth finish. This style beer was traditionally brewed in March before the heat of the summer months and kept cool in the cellars.

Lager: Dortmunder style lager with full body and deep golden color. Brewed using four specialty malts and moderately hopped for a smooth, clean flavor and aroma.

Hop Knockers I.P.A.: This India Pale Ale is highly hopped with Cascade, Ken Golding and Clusters, yet still maintains a big, malty presence to balance out the flavor.

Double Scottish: Deep brown in color, this ale has a high level of un-fermentable sugars to create a rich malty pretense with low hop presence.

Wobbly Bob Dopplebock: Dark Dunkle style lager with an original gravity above 19 degrees Plato. Rich and malty, this is a strong bock with a mellow finish.

Round Boy Stout: A nutritious stout that has a distinct, smooth and firm body. Specialty malts create a hint of nuttiness, coffee, chocolate and roasted flavors.

Pilsner: Originally, Pilsner was a specific term reserved for beers brewed in Plzen, Czech republic. Light and golden in color and well hopped with Saaz, UBW’s Pilsner is dry and crisp so the high IBU is quickly erased when drinking this delicate beer.

Union Pale Ale: Traditional Pale Ale with a twist. Simcoe Hops added at precise times throughout the brewing process. This brew showcases the citrusy flavors and pine-like aroma of Simcoe coupled with a unique selection of Pal and Crystal Malts to begin with a punch and finish clean & dry.

Hefeweizen(seasonal): A refreshing summertime beer. Golden in color with a banana clove aroma. 40% malted wheat adds a delicate citrus taste to this traditional German style weizen.

Rotating Seasonal and Fruit: Ask your server our seasonal specialties on tap!

**HAND PUMP – ask your server what beer is currently being served on the hand pump**

Sampler: 6 -2.5 oz tasters for $4.50 – Individual Samples: $1 per glass